September 19th - 25th

A small journey may be necessary now. If so, be ready for some delays and complications as you get on the road. Communication is pivotal now. Work to resolve conflicts with siblings, colleagues or neighbors as they arise. Pay close attention to your finances. Achieving a financial balance is important so don't give in to temptation to buy some flashy items that has caught your eye. You may need to use that money soon on a sudden repair or may find yourself awaiting payment for work or service performed. Opportunities surround you but you may need to go looking for them.

You would find yourself falling short of resources so as to achieve your goals. But if you want not to give in to the hurdles, then redistribute your resources so as to expect a well stabilized future. The reallocation must be done by keeping in mind that there would not be any on the spot income to fill in the voids and thus you need to have a strong self support in advance. You are completely engrossed into your belongings and wealth.

As you gather your activity, even the less would seem to be cumbersome. This means that with a view to be a positive face amongst the crowd that surrounds you, you would prefer refurbishing the ways you present yourself. Reconsider your challenges as changing them might be the right idea at the moment. You are expected to come across the situations of discords with your family regarding property or inheritances. Al you need to remember is that maintaining peace with your loved ones is of utmost importance. “If you can dream it up, you can team it up.” ― Richie Norton

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