August 1st - 7th

Spirituality is important to you this week. Travel plans to be made and discarded. Some delays or complications are possible so be well prepared and make all food selections with extra caution. Your money may be tied up in some ongoing legal transactions. Be thrifty while these matters are resolved. Overall, this is a time of good fortune and happiness for you. You are able to truly look inward and assess own strength and shortcomings.

Cash flow, income and earning power are on your mind. You are more practical and rational in your approach to finances now. This can be a strong period for gathering new money making ideas. You are truly in touch with your personal values and financial goals. However you need to avoid fretting over money excessively. Communication could bring monetary gain. Address any health or stress related problems as they arise. Adjust your expectations and your mental health will see a benefit. Unrealistic goals could yield unhappiness. A rational mindset will help you make good decisions and set you on the course for success.

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