January 10th - 16th

Travel may now afford you a break from your routine. Reach out to a father figure or mentor to gain some guidance and insight. You've been working hard and rising above the fray at work. Some career transformation may soon be before you. Legal matters may require litigation. Be careful with belongings in order to avoid theft or fraud. You are feeling ready to embark on some new course of study. Brush up on an existing skill or develop a new one. Get in touch with your spiritual side as that appeals to you a great deal now. Check in with all those who depend upon you--pets, children, subordinates.

You may feel pulled in different directions this week. You may experience love and hate in equal measure so be prepared for this contradictory feelings to hit you at once. Relationships are pivotal now, both the making and breaking of bonds. A break-up or a separation may be avoidable if you are able to remain diplomatic and truly talk things through. Work to see others' viewpoints and handle matters with compassion. Work as a team and you will find success. The only meaningful competition that exists is with yourself.

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