June 7th - 13th

Domestic issues need your attention now, as a parent or parental figure may be facing difficult. Take time away from other responsibilites to sure up peace at home. A trip or a class you were enrolled in may have to be put on hold. This is a time of good fortune and perhaps the right moment for a purchase of real estate. Do some networking and connect with people in a new club or group. You can safely rely on your charm to get the attention of new contacts. You have more well wishers that you might even realize.

It is time to reinvent yourself with a fresh perspective in what you want out of your life. New goals, ambition, friends and paths to take you to your new destinations might be just the thing you need right now. Change is on your way and you are more than ready to take the life by its horns. You may reconnect with old friends and find the change and question your past self-motivations. Take this opportunity to make some connections and socialize which will pave a new path which will be a bridge from our past self to your present self.

You may find this space filled with various experiences, and may encounter troubles and friction but also delight and excitement. Combine your old ambitions and new passion to form an entirely new package of life and determination. New friendships and co operations at work will be in your favor. You are at stable place to make firm decisions about your future. “Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.”

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