May 3rd - 9th

Face domestic problems head on now. A father or father figure may need your assistance. Make happiness at home a priority and enjoy simple pleasures with family. Make needed repairs or proceed with a practical purchase such as real estate or a new vehicle. Your adroit leadership skills serve you well now. On the job, your talents are noted and admired. Enjoy the power in reputation and status. Put any new earnings from a bonus or promotion to a practical use. Take a break and spend some time outdoors. It would be an ideal setting to really examine what's in your heart and mind now.

Your genius is at its best this week. You are feeling bright and positive. You are ready to spring up with innovative ideas and are excited to share them with those around you. Others enjoy conversations with you, as you are a capable listener. You are uniquely perceptive and suddenly the focus on the crowd. Personal happiness and future plans are on your mind right now. Your work may pull your in different directions but you will enjoy good company. Freely offer warmth and share of your true self to those around you.

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