July 2024

This month, Leo, you are in a phase of transformation where changes in your job, relationships with colleagues, health, and diet are at the forefront. While you may encounter mental strain or financial difficulties such as pending payments or bad debts, your willingness to serve without expecting immediate rewards will bring both material benefits and inner fulfillment. This period urges you to let go of what no longer serves you and strive for excellence in your work with a focus on efficiency. One-on-one interactions will be more rewarding than group activities, and if single, you may feel a stronger desire for a committed relationship. Embrace flexibility in your affections and prioritize harmony in your close relationships. Engage in collaborative efforts to achieve your goals, as your organizational skills and humanitarian instincts are heightened. Your role in supporting others will be highlighted, and you'll find satisfaction in both personal and altruistic endeavors. Embrace the changes unfolding in your professional and personal life, as they offer a chance to refine your path and align with what truly resonates with you.

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