Horoscope 2021

Yes, change is the only constant thing, but it doesn't have to be drastic, don't turn around from longtime commitments and relationships just yet because the real thing you're looking for is a new and fresh experience, you can have those while enjoying the company of your trusted friends, you don't have to give up one for the other. So, lean in more into your loved ones and if there's an older person who you've confided in previously, talk with them about your present needs, and if you can afford it, take some time off work to fulfil some pure passions, but once again, don't do this without letting your partner know.

But even more than what you are feeling emotionally, pay attention to your health, but pay more attention to what the spiritual realm is trying to tell you, even if you're not religious, you need to connect to a higher power to understand your purpose and have a reference point for all the major decisions you'll have to make this period. Yes, traveling might help, but you need to hinge on to the spiritual, to be safe on your trip and in this phase of your life that you're getting into. But above all, the watchword is "Look before you leap."

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