career - June 17th - 23rd

Gemini, in this phase construction concerns dominate your focus, with real estate and groundwork issues taking center stage both professionally and within your family circle. The need to assist a caregiver or parent with home or vehicle repairs may arise, requiring your attention and expertise. Strive to maintain harmony in your work and home environments by making safe and practical choices, and consider updating your skills to navigate challenges effectively. Avoid risky decisions and embrace outdoor activities to rejuvenate your spirit. As you feel drawn toward new directions, indulge in the thrill of adventure while staying grounded and self-aware. Social outings with friends will bring relaxation and joy, offering a welcome distraction from any worries. Seek balance, cultivate calmness, and hone your interpersonal skills by paying attention to verbal and nonverbal cues. Surround yourself with positive influences to uplift your spirits and spread happiness to others, paving the way for mutual joy and fulfillment.

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