career - April 8th - 14th

Gemini, this week, it's crucial to seek advice from experts before making any financial decisions. Diplomacy will be your superpower as you navigate professional disagreements and office politics. Focus on balancing your expenditures and earnings to pave the way for new opportunities. Be a pillar of support for a mentor or teacher in distress and be prepared for potential travel delays. Embrace the unknown and embark on a new path in life. Pay close attention to your communication to avoid misunderstandings, especially in legal or business matters that may arise. Trips, romance, and lighthearted fun are on the horizon, so take time to de-stress and prioritize self-care. Your tact and calm demeanor will help resolve conflicts gracefully. Engaging with the right people will bring excitement and positivity into your life. Stay optimistic as you navigate this transformative phase.

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