April 1st - 7th

Gemini, in this phase of transition and adjustment in a new environment, embrace the opportunity to fix what needs fixing and focus on legal matters that require your attention. Take your time to settle into this new setting and avoid getting tangled in fruitless conversations or gossip. If you're single, consider committing to a relationship now. This is a time for tuning into your peace of mind and nurturing your relationships. Your insatiable curiosity will lead you to valuable perspectives and creative endeavors, so embrace the journey of creation over rushing through projects. Be mindful of intense desires that may challenge your romantic charm, and let your courage drive you towards taking calculated risks. Seize the abundance of chances to learn, grow, and decorate your present with past successes. Your capability and zest have no barriers in this phase, so channel your creative abilities and strategic mindset towards shaping a bright future. Remember, every difficulty holds an opportunity for growth.

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