career - May 22nd - 28th

Dear Gemini, the upcoming phase of your life will be full of opportunities for growth and learning. If you can, consider embarking on a journey with a teacher or mentor to gain new insights into your education or spiritual path. This pilgrimage will give you a fresh perspective on life and guide you towards personal and professional success. However, before you can take some time for yourself, you must finalize some legal affairs that may have been weighing on your mind. Additionally, a loved one may be struggling with health issues, and you will need to be there to provide support. Although it can be challenging to put others' needs before your own, remember that being charitable is never the wrong decision. Your managerial skills may soon be called upon to make deals with non-profits or governmental agencies, so be prepared to use your talent to benefit others. It is vital for you to maintain your sense of equilibrium during this period of change. Keep life balanced, maintain a low profile, and avoid getting caught up in other people's problems. Remember, your spiritual gains will outweigh your material ones and consider getting involved in charity or community volunteering. Lastly, some quiet time may be restorative and productive for your mind, so make sure to prioritize it.

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