August 8th - 14th

Illness or loss may make you see life differently now. Tend to your health, both physical and emotional. Communicate with others about the anxiety you are experiencing. A short journey may offer new insight. Avoid vices which would only drain you further and instead look to the arts or the company of loved ones for reprieve. This is an ideal time to get in touch with your spiritual side as you look for answers. If feeling powerless, look for ways you can help a relative or neighbor who would appreciate your assistance right now.

Now you focus on what's closest to your heart--home and family. Your career, achievements and intellectual pursuits are viewed in terms of how they influence your home life and loved ones. You may feel inspired to retrace your family tree, to get in touch with your roots. A keen sense of belonging is deeply important to you now. A renovation or addition may be in your future so make plans to be financially prepared. Keep in mind that successful people are those with strong attachments to home and loved ones.

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