May 9th - 15th

Home is where the heart is right now. Family takes priority, especially the needs and health of caregivers, mothers and grandmothers. You may feel a sense of impending loss or confusion. Look inward for answers. Make space for time alone to process changes you have been through recently. A monetary setback, maybe from a risk or gamble, may be on your mind. Listen to ideas that show up in recurring visions.Immerse yourself in a spiritual pursuit to achieve greater inner peace. Solitary time in natural or a nostagic location will prompt new dreams.

It is likely that you will initiate discussions during this period, evaluate your appearance and the impact you have on those around you, and make contact with others rather than stay chained to any one place or activity. You may now attract association with those who are young and immature. Also you are likely to find yourself entangled into new situations every other day only to retreat into yourself once you are there, constantly questioning your self-identity. And again like a child, you are highly impatient to find out the truth.

Your thought is now focused on the expectation of self-progress. You are impatient, with tendencies to jump to quick conclusions which may later need to be corrected. In other words you take on child-like qualities which help you focus on the self. You are sharper than usual - more observant, and more inclined to "live in the head".

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