career - June 2024

Gemini, during this period, prepare to be astounded as you form deep connections with individuals from far reaches of the globe, surpassing the intimacy of those in your immediate surroundings. Embrace the allure of long-distance and foreign alliances as they pave the way for your advancement. Business travels are on the horizon, bringing encounters with like-minded souls who resonate with your beliefs. Yet, as you traverse continents, beware the creeping weariness that may cloud your vitality. Disillusionment with those close to you could linger, fueling restless nights. Do not let doubt overshadow a month destined for spiritual, intellectual, and moral growth; the universe aligns in cryptic support of your journey. Seek solace in the wisdom of a spiritual guide or a mentor from the past, as they hold valuable insights. Whilst the past month may have been marked by highs and lows, this one promises a shift. Embrace the clarity of aligning with the needs of those around you, anticipating new encounters and fresh expectations. Stay resolute in your tasks, mindful that challenges are but trials to overcome. Your capacity is vast, yet diligence will be your saving grace amid mounting responsibilities. Embrace the unknown with confidence, for your mettle will guide you through any storm.

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