Tuesday, September 26th

Gemini, this is a moment of great fortune for you. Recent success in your career, such as a promotion or raise, has put you in a fantastic mood and ready to celebrate. Enjoy the company of both your old and new friends, but be mindful to travel with caution and not neglect your loved ones at home. Your significant other may be in need of more of your time and attention. Exciting new relationships and partnerships are on the horizon for you. Synergies may take unpredictable directions, but there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud. Obstacles you may encounter will only lead to new opportunities. Have faith in yourself, for your own belief will be the key. Small opportunities often mark the beginning of great achievements. This is an ideal time for public speaking and presenting your ideas with confidence and style. Ideas that you subtly slip into conversations will elicit automatic response and agreement. Even low-profile discussions can transform into fruitful agreements if you follow your intuition and pursue a certain direction. Trust in the positive outcomes that lie ahead, Gemini.

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