Friday, January 14th

A time of scrutiny and evaluation has passed. If you have been feeling unheard or undervalued, take heart. Your hard work has been noticed. Rewards will soon be yours. While work life is fulfilling, your personal life may be more complex. Deals with conflicts at home. Evaluate a relationship that has been causing you stress. The best way to fix it might be to end it. Your work life never seemed so good as it does today. You can feel positive vibrations all around. A long desired success feels imminent. Explore new areas of interest today. With perseverance you can work your way to the top! You're refreshed and ready to dive into new goals!

Head and heart go hand in hand and workable solutions are available that feel as good as they work. You can put emotions into phrases that hit the mark and get your message across in more than just words. Multilevel thinking enables you to see all sides of the issue and if you need to, schedule negotiations, trades and other communications now.

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