July 8th - 14th

Capricorn, it's time to shift your focus away from money worries and legal matters and plan a refreshing getaway - whether a short trip or a longer journey to a foreign land where you can immerse yourself in new spiritual revelations. Remember to prioritize your health, particularly by paying attention to your diet choices. An interest in research or learning may stir within you, prompting you to consider enrolling in higher education or taking courses to enhance your skills. Be prepared for a potential career transformation by persisting in your hard work and maintaining a positive attitude. Your thoughts are immersed in business matters now, requiring effective communication at work where you speak with authority and are held accountable for your words. Your ideas may soon have a public presence, so use your influential voice to sway authority figures. Take this opportunity to hone your professional skills as others seek your reliable advice. Embrace multitasking in managing your career without succumbing to excessive worry, and success will be within reach.

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