February 19th - 25th

Capricorn, it seems that travel may be calling your name, but this journey holds a different purpose – one that focuses on your well-being. Whether it's a physical trip or a deep dive into books and plans, prioritize self-care and avoid falling into vices. Rest is crucial, as is taking time for introspection and seeking support from mentors or teachers if you feel disconnected. Change is brewing, and guidance from elders and authority figures will aid you in navigating this transition. It's time to reconsider your career options and explore new paths. The rewards on this journey will be concrete, bringing you a sense of power, self-worth, and prestige. While exploring these opportunities, beware of unnecessary financial risks; instead, trust in your traditional work ethic and avoid temptations of get-rich-quick schemes. Focus on cultivating peace at home, finding tranquility through meditation and a calm state of mind. Additionally, your newfound spiritual leanings will provide a steady foundation for you. Embrace this journey towards wellness and growth, knowing that hard work, dedication, and balance will pave the way for success.

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