February 12th - 18th

Capricorn, the end of a relationship may be looming on the horizon, but remember to handle it with diplomacy and grace. Use this as an opportunity to explore new paths and possibilities. Your current abundance of insights and creativity will reflect positively in your work, earning the admiration and recognition of others. A promotion or bonus could be in store for you as a result of this evaluation. Trust your instincts and make bold decisions that may come with some risks. Seek spiritual guidance as you navigate through this chapter of your life. Take a moment to check in with an elder, particularly a grandfather, who may be in need of your support at this time. Your mind seeks larger perspectives, turning away from practical matters towards grand visions and ideals. This week, you have an eagerness to expand your knowledge and engage in profound conversations, even with individuals located far away. With numerous commitments and appointments to manage, stay focused and prioritize wisely. Remember, it is better to be a priority manager than a time manager as you try to savor all the experiences and opportunities that come your way.

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