career - June 5th - 11th

Capricorn, you may be facing some delays and complications with your education plans due to worksite or real estate issues. As a result, it is essential that you make wise financial decisions and steer clear of any risky ventures that could lead to monetary losses. It is also important to prioritize resolving any monetary or relationship matter that may be causing stress in your life. Discuss your plans with your partner or close companions to gain a fresh perspective and find a solution together. A change of environment is advised to alleviate any pressure from public or political opposition. Consider spending time in nature or a peaceful setting. Your work ethic and optimism are paying off, which is leading to business profits and monetary gains. Take the time to support a co-worker who needs a sympathetic ear. Though some tasks may feel beneath you, use the lowered pressure to relax. Doing some community service or connecting with others can be beneficial for you now. Remember to avoid rash decisions and be patient with any challenges you encounter this week, as they are only temporary.

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