love - May 22nd - 28th

Capricorn, this week brings challenges with your relatives, including children, which may affect your romantic relationship. You may feel helpless and unheard, with worries or secrets that you are hesitant to reveal. It is essential to remain honest and open, focused on your purpose, and avoid any temptation that may arise. Being honest and forthright is crucial, as any rash decisions now can endanger your relationship. It's time to approach your boss or authority figure to share your concerns and seek guidance. Setbacks may occur temporarily, but staying calm and focused will be a significant benefit to your personal relationships, family life, and career. With the right outlook, any venture that you undertake will be favorable. Your intellectual prowess helps guide you towards the right choices. This is also an excellent time for romance, so feed your passions and follow your dreams. Maintain communication while traveling, to capitalize on valuable social contacts. Socialize with friends, or take a class. Remember, there are no impossibilities, so proceed with confidence.

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