March 13th - 19th

This is a time of great creativity for you. You are drawn to self expression, via the art, the written word or photography. Make time for entertainment, perhaps taking in a concert or play. Romance with someone special should also be a priority now. In all relationship, aim to be diplomatic. A break-up may be avoided via careful discussion in which you listen more than speak. Trust your gut and go for something new. Advice on how to deal with a personal conflict may come from somewhere unexpected, perhaps a child or elder offering uncanny insights.

Your true facility with words is greatly admired by others. You are able to multitask successfully now. Communication in words, over the phone or in person is likely now. Reach out to neighbors, siblings and other relatives. Don't fuss over insignificant matters and avoid "information overload." Community affairs may engage you busily. The right contacts, and varied ones, are the key to your success more forward. Relating to people feels easy right now. You've got a way with words and your frame of mind is newly open and ready to try out new concepts.

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