love - November 28th - December 4th

Travel plans could be complicated by health issues this week. A doctor visit or hospital stay for a relative such a parent or grandparent is likely. You may feel restricted or refined but this is only temporary. A journey abroad, though delayed, could bring romance and sexual pleasure to the forefront of your relationship. Pick a destination that connects with your own spiritual needs and beliefs. A teacher or mentor would be a good person to consult before you make any big decisions or long term investment.

Romance may need to take a backseat now as you work to resolve some internal conflicts. Being a bit aloof wouldn't be a mistake now as you need some time and space to keep your mind sharp and unclouded. Set some goals and work out a strategy for reaching them. Feed your passions but keep them within for now. A positive outlook will earn you some allies in your efforts. An important relationship in your life may require some intensive TLC at the moment. Give as much as you can and be charitable. Make someone else's happiness a priority over your own.

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