career - September 26th - October 2nd

Rather than being mired down in the past setbacks or mistakes focus on your recent successes. Your leadership skills have been noted by those in charge. Expect rewards and recognition. It is time to demonstrate your proficiency at navigating the choppy waters of public affairs as you negotiate with government agencies or big corporations. Take time out to attend to your health, both mental and physical. A recent death in your inner circle or family could result in inheritance money. Invest it wisely.

Stay calm, even in dire situations. This attitude will benefit many, including friends and family. Keeping yourself together under strain can lead to new partnerships and increased likelihood of meeting your goals. Working well with colleagues is essential now and should be easy to do as it feels like you can do no wrong this week. Remember that your decisions impact your home life too and tread carefully. Travel, for business or pleasure, is likely this week. Offer up some of your own talents to assist others. Remember that every great accomplishment begins with a small first step.

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