September 19th - 25th

Face relationship problems head on. Talk through a difference of opinions and remain diplomatic. Evaluate what can be done to make amends and be ready to walk away if needed. Travel is a possibility now and would allow you the chance to research some new spiritual paths of interest to you. A father or father figure may need or other assistance. At work, you've been under scrutiny for some time and now you will receive the positive feedback you've been hoping for. Savor your reward, be it a raise, promotion or just the glory of a job truly well done.

“Many times taking life into a wider and extensive perspective might do more harm than good.” Planning for future is always good but not better if the present self is neglected. Life is made up of messy little details that make it as delightful and frightening as it is, the more minute things we absorb, the more it can be fun and exciting. Making too many compromises for a good future may not be favorable right now. It is time to slow down and relax.

Take a calming breath and notice the things around you that you may be taking for granted. Spending too much time on work and schedules might be taking toll on your relationships with close ones. Invest some time to catch up on emotional relationships and connect. You may find that this time will not only rejuvenate your emotional connection with your partner, family and friends, but you yourself will feel refreshed and on new level.

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