June 20th - 26th

You find yourself required at numerous meetings this week. A purchase or business deal requires your attention. Legal agreements take precedence now. An important decision needs to be made so be sure to discuss it over with your spouse or significant other. Keep the peace at home by dealing with conflicts or misunderstandings as they arise. A change of scenery would alleviate your worries over someone who does not wish you well. Be cautious with money now, avoiding any risky ventures.

You have a pleasant and reasonable approach to work right now. Don't allow worry to make you feel scattered. You are inclined to learn a new skill, to try and improve your output in terms of work. There is likely to be more activity and communication with co-workers now. You are interested in organizing your working environment and this is an excellent time to do so, as you are feeling especially insightful. Getting a handle of your daily affairs will make you feel all the more efficient. Stay on task and avoid gossip. Productivity is never an accident.

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