May 16th - 22nd

Competition at work may be causing you stress or conflict. You worry that your reputation is on the line. Allow yourself needed distractions from your stress by spending leisure time with loved ones. Amusement or recreational activities with children would be especially reviving. Continue to work hard and be mindful of all those dependent on you. Avoid risky speculation now. Instead, trust that hard work and applying yourself fully to the tasks of your daily routine will lead you to success. Be diplomatic when sharing your creative insights with others.

You now take a keenly analytical approach to organize your life and perfect your routines. There may be some nervousness and anxiety on your part as people might not react/respond to you expectations. To organize your working habits you must understand the end result and back up to the beginning steps which will lead you to the right path.

Some of you may tend to be overly critical of themselves spending much energy wondering whether you should keep judging your inner being or attempt to overcome your faults through service to others. In short, you may experience frustrations while dealing with people. Better focus your efforts at organizing things than people. You must learn to become more tolerant of the human factor, so that your high ideals for order and perfection do not lead you into a negative attitude towards the people you work and live with.

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