career - January 17th - 23rd

A change in rank or promotion gives you an increased sense of self worth now. Explore some new professional opportunity that waits before you. Assess your own strength and limitations before jumping in so as to avoid any monetary loss. A relocation for work or some independent venture may be required in this phase. Make the most of this new beginning. Let go of ego and pursue some new path to greater personal happiness and wealth.

Analyze your cash flow now. Assess financial matter and secure your holdings. New, successful money making ideas may soon occur to you. If you've been mulling over a proposal for some time, this may be the moment to speak up. Let your company know how you can help. Remain practical now and be sure to clear determine what you want and what you need. A clear, businesslike communication with others will help you set and achieve goals. Take care of your health and check your attitude to make sure you remain focused and upbeat. Stick to what you know and deliver results.

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