January 10th - 16th

Now is a time of new beginnings for you. A relocation or promotion may be in order. Investing in some education or self improvement would bolster feelings of strength and self worth. A family member, perhaps a maternal figure, needs your assistance now. Tend to matters at home that cannot be delayed. A costly repair or improvement may be inevitable. Make time to connect to spiritual paths that empower you. Time in nature would be useful in re-establishing the inner peace you seek.

Material gains of several kinds are more than likely now. Your values and faith in yourself will be reaffirmation. Enjoy the results of your hard work. The dividends you anticipated from well planned and executed moves may arrive even sooner than expected. But this is not a time for complacency. Be guarded at work, avoiding wrong moves or possible confrontations. Take care in your communication at home too. You might merit a raise of promotion or gain in terms of popularity or credit. A touch of diplomacy would not go amiss so avoid an overweening ego.

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