career - September 2023

Capricorn, this is a period of significant change for you. These changes are not minor or insignificant; they have the potential to reshape the way you interact with your colleagues and co-workers due to recent positive or negative occurrences. Furthermore, brace yourself for transformations in your health and diet that will have a profound impact, for better or worse. Be prepared for other changes as well. However, be aware that this period may bring some mental strain and financial difficulties that could lead to increased stress. Late or delayed payments, checks, benefits, or salaries may create hostility among those involved. To navigate through this, ensure your own payments are made on time and commit yourself to sending out positive energy, making others' lives easier, and doing what is right. Though you may receive little gratitude initially, these actions will eventually make your own life easier as well. It is important, however, not to make the lives of your dependents or others more difficult than necessary. Use this phase as an opportunity to eliminate the things in your life that are not working for you. By removing the negative aspects, you will be better able to identify and appreciate the good in your life. Learn to discern those who you can rely on for more than mere small favors as you strive for perfection. Be efficient in your work and dealings, allowing yourself to flourish during this transformative period.

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