love - May 2023

Capricorn, your sensual and earthy desires are in the spotlight this month as your libido is strong but controlled. You have worked hard and things are about to take off for you, so sit back and enjoy the positivity in your relationships and other aspects of your life. Staying in contact with higher ups and authority figures will aid you in reaching your goals, as recognition and additional responsibilities are heading your way. Tensions may arise in your ability to take the lead and manage others, but trust your heart and decisions as they will not go unnoticed by those around you. Committed relationships offer stability, while single Capricorns may be feeling insecure with the increasing importance of one-on-one relationships. Business partnerships and bringing more work to romantic partnerships are possible, but it’s important to keep work stress at the office to better enjoy your love life. Overall, take a moment to celebrate and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

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