December 2022

You will have a sense of awareness of your own limitations this month, leading up to your birthday phase, be they physical, emotional or even financial, as well as a sense of being confined and restricted. There could be some rivalry, hard feelings generated that could trigger off either of these reactions. NOT a time to go overboard, in terms of self-pity, to see troubles where none exist, or attempt to solve the world's problems. It might be a good idea to maintain a low profile and be less vocal. A time to make special efforts to get along with others — both professionally and personally. Changes initiated now may prove beneficial in the long run, both materially and otherwise.

This is perhaps a low-key time, but one in which you feel grounded and stable. It's easy to glue to a particular mission/assignment and make headway. Productivity may be slow, but it's steady. The go-getting side of your persona comes to the fore. You may find yourself in a position of responsibility. Contacts with older, mature or more experienced people could be noteworthy now.

You could find it hard to deny yourself anything this month. There is a certain determination building up within you to alter not just your life or circumstances, but practically cast yourself in a new image. This images needs to connect to the way you want to see yourself, in terms of appearance, health, physique, attitudes and mindset – all adding up to the quality of life plus lifestyle. Others find you agreeable and cooperative. People could literally approach you and appreciate you for who you are. You now know what works best for you and you have great wisdom inside you.

It's an excellent time to take care of your health. You might decide to change jobs, and if your work has not been fulfilling in the past, then initiative to make changes should be taken. Such a situation left unchanged could easily result in health problems, just as it could to routinely overwork oneself. Undesirable job pressures may lead to depressions and injuries. Your services may be in demand and you could make some important strides forward. A situation on the job or with your co-workers may seem to be all consuming of your energies, and some review may be in order.

You would have access to much needed help and resources. There is a possibility that now someone (an elderly, mature person) will show you the right way. You want to focus on real accomplishments and avoid merriment and distractions. Self-control and self-discipline (it could be painful to some of you lazy lads) are required of you at this time, but fortunately, they yield positive results in the long run.

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