Saturday, August 6th

Make time to share a meal with friends and family. It will give you an opportunity to voice that secret or setback that's been on your mind. Money may be causing you stress right now. In the short term, reduce spending as much as you can. Some new sources of income may be on the horizon. It's time to enjoy the golden moments of your life again. You feel at peace and want to be yourself and forget about the larger world. Relax and enjoy, taking care not to neglect family. Maintaining balance and close connections is the key for a happy life. Be yourself and don't let enjoyment rule your life.

You may need to work overtime, or you could feel a pinch with your finances. Some feelings of being blocked are possible now and urging you to slow down. There may be problems with older people or authority figures. The rewards for your hard work are unlikely to be obvious right now.

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