December 4th - 10th

Cancer, this week may bring challenges related to illness, either your own or that of a loved one. It could be causing you emotional distress, so focus on both physical and emotional well-being. A meeting may require your attention to sort out important paperwork, so be prepared. Avoid falling into the temptation of vices or engaging in self-destructive behavior. Instead, seek guidance from mentors or teachers who can offer valuable insight. This week, a short getaway or a trip would bring a much-needed break and rejuvenation. Look to establish a deeper sense of purpose by delving into research to uncover answers you've been seeking. Health and finances are two primary concerns occupying your mind. On the financial front, you may need to raise funds or deal with loan matters, which are more business-oriented. Minimize stress by addressing any worries or doubts that arise. Show support for your loved ones and stand up for the causes closest to your heart. However, be cautious of barriers that may distort your message and lead to confusion or misunderstandings, potentially wasting time and money. Release what doesn't belong to you and instead, readily offer what you have.

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