September 25th - October 1st

Cancer, this month calls for you to confront relationship problems head-on. Don't shy away from difficult conversations and be prepared to find a diplomatic solution. Take the time to understand and discuss differing opinions. If needed, evaluate what can be done to mend the situation, but also be willing to walk away if it's necessary for your well-being. Now is a favorable time for travel, offering you the opportunity to explore new spiritual paths that interest you. Keep an eye out for a father or father figure who may require your assistance or support. In your professional life, after being under scrutiny for some time, you will finally receive the positive feedback you've been longing for. Whether it's a raise, a promotion, or just recognition for a job well done, savor the rewards. You are drawn to large-scale projects and ideas, finding the monotony of the daily grind uninspiring. Embrace opportunities to learn and accumulate knowledge, wherever and however you can. Engaging in in-depth conversations and debates about philosophy with relatives or distant friends will complete the picture. Remember to stay focused on the big picture to remain on track. With a lot on your plate, be mindful of lapses in memory. This phase holds enriching experiences for you to enjoy and relish.

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