September 18th - 24th

Dear Cancer, as you navigate the current astrological alignment, financial concerns may be weighing heavily on your mind. A recent venture may have turned out differently than expected, causing worries about money. It would be beneficial to plan a meeting with your spouse or significant other to discuss a weighty decision that needs to be made. This decision could relate to a necessary repair that cannot be delayed, or even considering the possibility of purchasing real estate or a new vehicle. While business matters may occupy a significant portion of your thoughts, don't forget to address any concerns at home and ensure that your family life remains a place of peace. Additionally, consider investing in your personal growth by enrolling in a class to learn a new skill. This phase finds you carefully weighing the pros and cons of every issue, taking into account the needs of others alongside your own. Momentary indecisiveness may arise due to your ability to entertain opposing viewpoints naturally. However, your willingness to cooperate and communicate with others, particularly through one-on-one connections, brings you the most comfort right now. Share your thoughts and personal history, as this is the time to make use of your diplomatic talents to achieve success. Remember, it is teamwork and intelligence that ultimately lead to championships, not just individual victories.

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