love - January 30th - February 5th

A getaway you've been playing may not go quite according to script. Be flexible and offer your help to those in need, especially your partner and your partner's family. A sorrow or setback may ending up costing you financially so look before you leap. Communication is critical right now. Share a secret with your significant other or write it down in a journal. Work to get the weight of your worries off your back by being connecting with a sense of life's purpose for you. Take your partner to see a show or hear a concert. Artistic expression may give you an opportunity to connect more in depth.

You may be feeling drained for a recent project you had to complete or a heavy load of stress. Take time to recharge and rekindle that passion with which you usually approach life. Avoid excessive spending. Make relationships a priority instead. A heart to heart with your partner may be in order to make sure you are both truly satisfied. Smooth out the bumps in the road and your relationship will feel more solid and stable. Let go of ego and ask for the help you need. The right communication is pivotal right now.

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