love - November 28th - December 4th

A short getaway may be just what your romantic relationship needs right now. Plan something simple but special, maybe a trip to see a show or concert. Tend to any health concerns, following up on needed medical appointment. Avoid getting pulled into disputes that don't involve you. It may be time to venture outside of your social circle and meet new people, listening to their insights and learning from them. Communication is key in this phase so express yourself in any way you can. Keep in touch with email, text or even an old fashioned letter to reveal your feelings.

You may be contending with an impossible situation in your love life this week. Be reasonable with your expectations for yourself. It will help you reconnect with your core. Admiration or even amorous attention from coworkers is likely in this phase. Your passion for helping others does not go unnoticed and you'll see the returns in no time. Lately, you feel like you've been bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders. Admittedly you've been walking a difficult path for a long time. Be patient. You'll get your turn very soon. Do what you love and your efforts will never be wasted. Rewards are waiting for you.

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