September 19th - 25th

Car or home repairs may be inevitable this week. Attend to requirements at home. Domestic peace will allow you to pursue the opportunities ahead of you. A father figure may require your help getting through a difficult situation. Take a break however and whenever you care by getting a chance of scenery and spending some time outdoors. Avoid risky ventures. While waiting on some held up payment make safe monetary decisions and avoid gambling on anything. Spending time or funds on higher education would be a sound investment.

You might be in the company of people who would be supportive delightful to be with. It’s a period of changes around you as well as your peers and this is expected to go on till you and everyone else acquire a comfort and convenient surrounding. You would attract young and indecisive lots towards yourself. This could be turned into a moment of distraction through understanding other’s issues or sympathizing with them. This would serve to boost up your confidence as well.

Hardships need to be diverted or completely be rid of. Also you are advised to reschedule your presence in accordance with what is relevant to your ongoing program. You would require to examine your financial structure so as to let it coincide with that of others for your own betterment. You need to be more creative and need to keep in check your defying self. You feel encouraged by the way you tackle your personal as well as professional issues. “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein

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