love - August 8th - 14th

An important decision hangs in the balance, one that might impact the future of your romantic relationship. If you are not married, now might be the time to tie the knot. Whatever decision is reached, make sure it is thought through thoroughly, with both partners' input. Expect some delays or complications if traveling as family matters may call you home again. Whether in a new environment or not, work to have some fulfilling new experiences, ones that connect you to culture and to that someone special you brings you happiness and a sense of purpose.

You may be feeling intellectually indifferent this week. Someone or something is distracting you. To get yourself back on track, reach out to those who know you best -- siblings, neighbors, colleagues. A break may be necessary to help you focus on a project or even a love interest you are trying to attain. Remain curious but don't drop the ball on work commitments and time with those closest to you. This time will pass and you will be back to your regularly scheduled self soon enough. Avoid hasty decisions and ask for a hand if you need one.

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