August 1st - 7th

A change in rank is likely now, in the form of a raise or a promotion. Enjoy recognition for all your recent hard work. Someone in a position of authority has noticed your talents and dedication to your profession. A review or assessment will go favorably. Make time for food or entertainment with loved ones now, especially family. A sibling or neighbor may ask for or offer assistance. Assess the status on your relationships. It may be time to let go of one that isn't working. Though it may be emotionally fraught, letting go may be the only viable option.

Your true facility with words is greatly admired by others. You are able to multitask successfully now. Communication in words, over the phone or in person is likely now. Reach out to neighbors, siblings and other relatives. Don't fuss over insignificant matters and avoid "information overload." Community affairs may engage you busily. The right contacts, and varied ones, are the key to your success more forward. Relating to people feels easy right now. You've got a way with words and your frame of mind is newly open and ready to try out new concepts.

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