June 20th - 26th

Money and health matters occupy your mind this week. A financial setback or the need for an additional source of income is important to you. Make time for some self assessment. This will aid you in getting in touch with your own strengths and weaknesses and lead you to new opportunities. A change in setting from a recent move or a promotion offers you a renewed sense of identity snd purpose. Try something new with your outward appearance, a new haircut, new clothes, something to make you feel reinvigorated.

Creative endeavors could prosper now, especially those that draw on your emotions. Solitude may be needed to help you get your thoughts together. Take the space and time you need to be mentally productive. You feel newly drawn to silence or at least holding your tongue and not giving into small talk or gossip. Discretion is always wise but be careful not to isolate yourself from those closest to you. A positive outlook is always vital. A positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieve the impossible.

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