love - May 9th - 15th

A short trip may allow you the chance to step outside of your usual world and potentially meet a new romantic partner. Join a club or go to a new restaurant or play with family or co-workers. Others are drawn to your flirtatious charm, making networking a breeze. Be careful with worldly possessions now to avoid being the victim of accident or theft. Communicate well with family to resolve any sudden domestic troubles. Be generous with your time and money as you can afford. It will pay off in happiness for all.

You are in need of some quiet time and space for yourself now. Specific private matters on are your mind. Take the time you need to figure things out. Examine the past and look inward to find the answers you crave. Keep in mind though that you can't change the past. Acceptance is the only option. Let go of guilt. Your expectations may simply be too high. Know what you are capable of and set reasonable goals to most productively channel your passion. Be patient and the rewards you've been waiting to reap will soon be within view.

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