January 10th - 16th

You find yourself in attendance at a number of meetings now. Some may be to discuss your work performance. Expect to shower with glowing results and to enjoy some rewards for all your hard work. A promotion or a rank is likely. Use any additional earnings to help tie up some unresolved matter caused by recent shortage of funds. Be attentive to the state of your relationships now. Check in with your significant other. It may be necessary to have a true heart to heart to work through some conflict you are dealing with. Your leadership skills serve you well in both matters of business and affairs of the heart.

You are focused on emotional interactions now. Passion, sex and intimacy are on your mind and in your heart. Personal relationship take center stage. You may be leaving friends or loved ones behind but a recent windfall of cash will make some new fun possible. You want to enjoy life to the fullest. Entertaining and bonding, with friends or in romantic interludes, will require some money but will satisfy your itch. Be around those who understand you and make you feel truly alive.

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