September 13th - 19th

Competition at work is heating up. Steer clear of those that would draw you into conflict. Avoid gossip or worrying over possible enemies. Opportunities await you. You just need to work hard and move in the right direction. Money may be a concern now as you await payment or compensation for services. Be sure to attend to all those who depend on you--subordinates, relatives, even pets. Communicating well what you are going through will alleviate feelings of stress or loneliness. Look for pleasant diversions, such as music or theater. Working hard now will lead you to future success.

You’re constantly learning lessons and growing. Good, sound finances are serving you well, making you more practical minded. True joy and security on the home front add a depth of fulfillment to your life. Energy and planning may be required to address domestic concerns but the effort is well spent. You have acquired -- and are still acquiring -- a true mindset for success. You've grown in intellectual and emotional settings. Increased cognitive and interpersonal skills derive from your deep rooted sense of confidence. You now realize there is no single formula that defines the path to personal success.

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