June 7th - 13th

You are drawn to spiritual matters now, seeking to get in touch with something mystical that will lead you to a positive change. Leisure activities may lead you to hedonistic pleasures that could impact your health or relationships. A father figure may need or offer assistance now. Trust you gut as you weigh a risky decision. Some connection may be ending for you now, perhaps even suddenly. While this may be a cause for temporary sorry, rest assured that new opportunities await you. Your creativity will make surprising and interesting things happen!

It may be the time for you to let go your past issues in order to heal and recover as a new person. Introspection is needed, and for that you must have the courage to face your sorrows and things that you may be difficult to confront. Acknowledge what was said and done, accept your mistakes and be prepared to let go of bitterness towards others. If they are important in your life, you will find yourself troubled if you hold grudge against them for longer period of time. Meanwhile your relationship with other might be ruined and a barrier might be created between loved ones.

Take this chance to refresh and don’t wallow in self-pity. Find the compassion to forgive others and one self as well. That chapter of your self is long closed and you are ready to look upon the future more optimistically.”Big results require big ambitions.”

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