April 2024

In the month ahead, Cancer, your focus will once again be drawn to money matters, whether it involves legacies, trusts, loans, or fund-raising activities, while simultaneously grappling with lingering health issues. Pending matters may reach a final resolution, potentially involving a death or a legacy that brings a mix of sorrow and relief. This period prompts you to confront your psychic "junk" and shed bad habits, offering you a chance to explore life's mysteries and uncover your personal strengths. Expect significant, even drastic changes in both your material and emotional worlds, with a potential financial boost or expansion through a partner or associate. Intensified relationships may lead to a deepening of bonds, as issues of authority, intimacy, and finances come to the forefront. Your involvement with groups and friends will grow, possibly leading you to take on a leadership role where you must balance assertiveness with collaboration. By exercising humility and teamwork, you can navigate challenges and achieve your goals. Choose your friends wisely, as they may play a pivotal role in your long-term success.

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