career - May 2023

As a Cancer, you are about to face some important financial decisions. You have a talent for managing money, and now is the time to show it. Be prepared to deal with legacies or trusts involving people you know, which could have a significant impact on your finances. Consider making a small loan to a friend or asking for one yourself if you need some extra cash. However, while you have a handle on your finances, you may be neglecting your health. You have no control over the length of your life, and it's important to address any nagging health issues without delay. Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible, and don't forget to take advantage of your company's insurance benefits. During this period, pending matters may come to a conclusion, including the death of a loved one. If you find yourself in a position to save someone's life, act without hesitation. Now is also a time for introspection and personal growth. Explore the secrets of life and uncover a strength or talent you may not have been aware of. You know what you need to do to perform better and get recognized for your achievements. Use your intuition and sensitivity to your advantage, and you'll come out ahead in all areas of your life.

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