Horoscope 2022

The solar eclipse of April 2022 falls in your solar second house, a solar eclipse will focus on how you perceive money or material possession. You may fall into a debt trap that will create more problems than the benefits you anticipate. It may also highlight the need to properly manage your finances as you may fall victim to scams and frauds. Solar eclipse in the 2nd house also highlights problems, arguments, and conflicts in the family, often mysterious and unsolvable without external help.

Take time for yourself, to focus on the life path — on your plans, on where you want to go, and how you intend to get there. You are a deeply ambitious person but follow-through is a stumbling point. Be ready to commit to a new course of study or training of some kind. There are opportunities in front of you. You simply have to seize them. Don’t allow yourself to get mired down in regret or pointless reflection on past mistakes. Air a secret or an issue that’s been on your mind. Talk it over with someone important to you. Getting that weight off your chest will help you move ahead. Be attentive to your health.

Don’t put off appointments or delay some needed self-care remedies. This should be a year for quiet reflection, to meditate and look inward. Get plenty of rest. Connect with a grandparent or an elder who has the wisdom to share. Be open to insights that arise in unusual forms, such as dreams. Don’t make any rash monetary decisions. A quick investment in something unknown would be an error. Stick to what you know. And if you need advice or help, don’t be afraid to ask.

An elder sibling or relative plays an important networking role for you. Get ready to be thrust into a whole new social world. The fresh set of contacts will be advantageous for some changes you are looking to make in your life, both personally and professionally. Project confidence and just be yourself. Your charm wins over many and you may be surprised at how receptive people are, strangers included, to the plans you share.

Take care during travel. You need to keep a close eye on belongings in order to avoid being a victim of theft or accident. Be flexible about your plans. Some delays or restrictions could occur. Patience is required of you in many aspects of life. You need to avoid impetuous actions and decisions. Remain attentive to responsibilities that are non-negotiable. Stay the course of your own routines and you will find success. Even when celebrating victories or networking, make healthy decisions. Scrutinize your lifestyle for any habits that are costing you time and money. Objective self-assessment is required. Need be, enlist a second set of eyes to help you see what you may have been missing.

You are after new and engaging life experiences now, ready to jump at an artistic endeavor or some chance to travel. Be flexible in your plans. Family complications can request you to stay at home and offer some assistance. You don’t need to get far to see something new. What you are looking for could be a spiritual connection via a new outlook. You are also craving more intimacy, with your partner and also with friends. You are an effective communicator so put what you need in words, either aloud in conversation or written down on-page.

You have been dealing with a health crisis that can offer you a new perspective if you are willing to re-evaluate. Something or maybe someone has been holding you back. It’s up to you to decide what matters most, where to invest your time and energy. An opportunity to start your own business is not without risk. It could be a matter of how much support and expertise you can bring to the project. Certainly don’t let past mistakes define your present or future. A meaningful way to escape some of your own worries would be to do some charity work, volunteer to help others.

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