April 1st - 7th

This is a period of intense focus on contracts and business meetings, Aries. The added stress at work due to conflicts with a colleague requires your diplomacy and tact when sharing your ideas. A relationship may be reaching its natural end, but a change of environment could aid in the healing process. Peace at home is essential, so dedicate time to nurturing your personal relationships. Enjoy moments of recreation and lightheartedness with loved ones. Trust in your intuition and spiritual beliefs for guidance, as they will point you in the right direction. Your hard work and organization will inevitably lead to success, with others admiring your dedication and willingness to help. Your primary competition is with yourself as you strive for higher achievements and a boosted job profile. Exercise caution in financial matters, avoiding impulsive decisions and ensuring all purchases are made thoughtfully. Stay focused and methodical, resisting the temptation for quick gains.

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